Structure as design method

How do you use structure as a design method?
Structure is seen as a restriction of freedom. You tend to think that a structure limits you, but the better you get to know a kind of structure, the more freedom you create for yourself. You can compare it to rules within a game. The better you get to know the rules, the better you can play the game and the more possibility’s you discover within these rules.

To come to this design, I did research in which places I needed to create structure. For me this is in a busy and full part of a city. I have set rules for myself how I can visually structure and minimize these places. These rules are:

  1. Photographing an overview of a "busy" part of a city.
  2. Structuring the place by framing the image.
  3. Convert the image to a grid.
  4. Convert the grid to a design. Base the design on the photo in step 2 by use of color and naming.

These (applied) rules can be seen from left to right.