Past in a post

"Past in a post" is a weekly project that I started on March 1, 2020 together with Thijmen. For this project we have set up rules on which our weekly “post” is based on:

  1. Every other week one person determines a word. This word is based on a pictured experience or a feeling of that week.
  2. The other person determines the color. This specific, pictured color drew attention that week.
  3. Each person will convert these specifications into a typographic design. In this design only letters and/or shapes are used.
  4. The size of the design is 210mm x 148mm.
  5. The posts are sent to each other each week via email. In this email the choices that are made to the design will be disclosed. 

The aim of the project is to learn from each other in the field of graphic design, but also to share our specific view on a theme. By working with the same data, we can visualize our own interpretations of a word. In this way, we can experiment, and it also gives us the opportunity to grow in the field of typography and graphic design.

The first post you see in the gallery is made by me, the second post is made by Thijmen.