Hoe kijk jij naar afval?

  • Project: Afval = Landschap
  • Year: 2019
  • Category: Project

This mountain is misleading design: the nice green hill you see is not suggesting the huge amount of trash underneath. The waste is packed in a pretty layer. This contrast is captured in a misleading image: the word ‘AFVAL’ (which means waste in Dutch) is formed out of several pieces of garbage covered in a layer of gold.

Esmée build her work with various pieces of waste which form the word when you move past it. From one perspective you can read the gold word ‘AFVAL’ (waste). Sometimes they say there is more golden in a landfill than in a goldmine. How do you look at waste? (Hoe kijk jij naar afval?) 

Together with nine fellow ArtCoDe students we put an exhibition/art route on in June 2019 at the Gulbergen property. Characteristic for the estate is that the formal landfill consist out of 10 million tons of waste, covered in grass. Every student made their own landscape artwork, designed on the hill as a canvas and with waste as their materials. 

With my design "Hoe kijk jij naar afval?" I won the audience prize.