My name is Esmee van Dinteren. I live in Beneden-Leeuwen, a small village located in "Het Land van Maas & Waal". In 2017, I started the bachelor degree in Art, Communication & Design at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Here, we learn to think in concepts, how to develop your own visual point of view and how to translate concepts into visually eloquent images.

As a designer

Structure is the core of my designs. As a designer I am always looking for it: whether it is a physical structure such as a grid or a structure through (playing)rules. Starting from a self-created “playing field”, I design a functional and thoughtful design.

Structure controls freedom through overview and control of the system that complies with rules, but structure also creates freedom, just as playing rules make the game possible. For me, designing is actually also playing and there is no play without rules. Rules do not limit freedom, but rather evoke them.

As a photographer

Every moment is an opportunity to discover and capture something new. Everywhere and always I am seeking images: whether I take a walk outside or cycle to the bus stop. Looking around me has created a fascination for structures: geometric shapes, lines, patterns, and shadows. To me, these are the elements for abstract and minimalist compositions. I capture things that people normally pass by. In the details of every day, I find beauty.


Fontys school of Fine and Performing Arts | HBO Bachelor (2017 - present)

Student Art Communication & Design
The bachelor degree ArtCoDe trains all-round designers and experience designers. The experience is central to the design process. From a broad practical and theoretical basis, you develop your own visual language and preference within the area of expertise.

Nimeto Utrecht | MBO niveau 4 (2013 - 2017)

Student Spatial Presentation & Communication

Nimeto Utrecht is a vocational school for creative space makers. During the study you learn how to design the space around you. You present al this in a visual way from a marketing concept. This involves three outflow directions: Design Product Presentation, Show Publicity Design and Stand, Shop and Set Design. Eventually, I graduated as Shop Publicity Designer. In other words: a Graphic Designer.

Pax Christi College | VMBO-KL (2009 - 2013)

Trade and Administration Sector

Work & internship

Itho Daalderop (2017 - present)

Creative DTP-er

Design of both printed and digital material, such as advertisements, brochures, newsletters, websites, banners and animations. Editing and retouching illustrations and photos.

Itho Daalderop (2016 - 2017)

Internship creative DTP-er

I was a part of the advertising studio during this intership of six months. I contributed to the creative design o both printed and digital material, such as advertisements, brochures, newsletters and banners.

V&D Nijmegen (2015)

Internship Visual Merchandising

I was a part of the VM-team during this internship of six months. I engaged in designing the shopping windows, the care and styling of the store and the helping of customers when needed.